Energy. Honesty. Originality. Frontier is a harmony-driven rock band from Kentucky whose unique sound defies the trends of today’s music. With meaningful lyrics, signature blood-harmonies, and inventive pop-rock music, Frontier makes no attempt to blend in. Influences such as John Mayer, The Police, and Eric Clapton bleed together into the band’s addictive sound and style. 

Frontier began when brothers Ethan and Andrew Worley and their cousin Caleb Caudill started writing songs and performing as an acoustic trio.  After gaining popularity, they decided to add the energy of a full band sound. The talented and fiery drummer Jon Watts joined the band bringing his own, unique flair to their music. 

Frontier has released two albums, Longer Roads and This Dream. Their latest album, This Dream, was recorded with multi-platinum producer Jef Powell, who said of the band, “The guys in Frontier have a spirit that’s been missing in modern music for a while: the desire to play music with substance.” Their songs have meaningful messages and catchy beats that hook listeners and keep them coming back for more. Their song “Love Is on Your Side” was actually named a top five song by Songwriter Universe. 

Since the band was formed in 2012, Frontier has shared the stage with many music legends, including Restless Heart and Exile, and they have made hundreds of performances at festivals and special events, including being a part of the entertainment lineup at the 2019 Summer NAMM in Downtown Nashville and the 2020 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. They love what they do, and this shines through every aspect of their work, including the energy, professionalism, and passion that is a part of every Frontier performance. 

Frontier's music is available for download and streaming at major distribution sites including iTunes, Spotify, and Google Music.